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The boys' own pop-up camper
The boys' pop-up camper

Beautiful  Mountain View
As the seasons change, the mountains do, too. They are bright green in spring, then darken to the deepest shade of green imaginable. In fall, the mountains burst into brilliant reds and oranges. There is beauty in winter when the snow topped peaks are pale blue.

Bath House with Personality
The Nottely River Campground Bath House is clean and comfortable with hot showers. This is the Women's entrance, with flowerbeds full of blooms. The outside of the bath house is decorated with a hand painted mural.

Entering the campground
The road into the campground is beautiful in spring with dogwoods and red buds. The wild roses, honeysuckle, and other spring flowers perfume the air with sweet fragrance. Do you like wild flowers? Come visit in early summer and keep your eyes open for may apple, trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit, wild ginger, many other flowers and exotic plants.


Path beside the river is a natural paradise
This camp site is in the group camping area. Notice the nature trail leading into the woods along the river. Bring your fishing pole and some worms. There is no telling what you might see...deer, birds, rare wildflowers, and colorful butterflies are all possibilities.
Cool camper
This RV is parked beside the river. The shade trees and cool mountain water provide relief from hot summer days. If you think it's too hot to camp, you will find it much cooler by the river than in town or on the highway.
Doc's old tracter ready to work
Doc's antique tractor still does it's share of work. If you take a walk around Nottely River Campground you will find all kinds of photographic opportunities.

Sunset over the playing field
As the sun sets behind the mountains, the sky turns to gold. Keep your ears open for the whippoorwills and your eyes open for fireflies. If you're really lucky you may also hear a mocking bird sing at night!

Doc's veggie garden
There are lots of vegetable gardens in the area. Doc's garden has beans, okra, squash, and other veggies. Fresh produce is available in the road side markets and fruit stands.


Please call 706-745-6711 for reservations and more information.

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